Living Our Faith

Holy Family Chapel

Welcome to the Holy Family Chapel, the heart of Veritatis Splendor, where our Catholic faith finds its home and souls are united in a journey of divine growth. Nestled in the embrace of our vibrant VS community, the Holy Family Chapel stands at the center of our community with an unwavering devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Within these sacred Catholic walls, the echoes of prayers and praises resonate, sharing the common goal & desire for all who enter to one day become saints.

The Oratory

We pray that at the center of Veritatis Splendor will be a grand oratory, conceived in the architecture and structure of the Italian cathedrals erected in places like Siena, Florence and Assisi. It will also be a place of pilgrimage for those who want to study, pray and revitalize their family and individual spiritual life. The oratory, once established, will be maintained by a community of priests. The priests will serve the community of Veritatis Splendor and offer public ministry within the diocese in accordance with the benevolence of the local Bishop.

Pious House Tyler

In a recent Memo of Understanding The Pious House at Tyler has a 50 year service agreement towards Veritatis Splendor. They provide for us the sacraments on a consistent basis, especially Confession,  and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They also help the Diocese of Tyler by teaching and preaching in various apostolates. We pray that the Lord will continue to increase their hearts with zeal and help them to become an Oratory of St. Philip Neri.