Welcome to the Holy Family Chapel at Veritatis Splendor, where our Catholic faith finds its home and souls are united in a journey of divine growth striving for sainthood. Nestled next to the JPII House within our vibrant VS community, the Holy Family Chapel stands at the center of our community with an unwavering devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. Within these sacred Catholic walls, the echoes of prayers and praises resonate, sharing the common goal & desire for all who enter to one day become saints.

Please join our VS Community for Mass. The Sacraments are at the center of Veritatis Splendor and we are blessed to have the Memo of Understanding with the Pious House.




Holy Family Chapel Mass Times



8:00am Ordinariate
9:30am Said Mass
11:00am Sung Mass


12:05pm Said Mass
*No Mass Thursdays


10am Ordinariate Mass


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