Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Veritatis Splendor? 

Veritatis Splendor is a mission to preserve, protect and proclaim the Christian faith as given to the Apostles by Jesus Christ. 

In fulfilling this mission, the founders of Veritatis Splendor have planned for several means to share the mission with as many people as possible. 

The first is an Oratory under the patronage of St. Joseph, in order to welcome anyone who wishes to study and pray and receive the benefits of a Catholic sacramental life.  

The second is the establishment of seven institutes to teach, train and promote the truth, goodness and beauty of the faith.  

The third is to offer a variety of residential options (homes, townhomes, apartments and other accommodations for those with smaller households), in order to share in the faith community life planned for Veritatis Splendor.


2. What is the timeline for Veritatis Splendor? 

Our first priority is to break ground and begin the development of the St. Joseph Oratory on the Veritatis Splendor property and to formally establish the seven institutes. In order to do that, we need to raise the necessary funds to begin that process. God-willing, we can begin by the fall of 2021. 


3. Is Veritatis Splendor an initiative of the Diocese of Tyler? 

No, Veritatis Splendor is a private, lay-initiated endeavor. It is not part of the Diocese of Tyler.  

For the full statement from Bishop Strickland on VS, please click here: Home ( 


4. How is Veritatis Splendor connected to Regina Caeli, Inc. (Regina Caeli Academy)? 

 At this time, Veritatis Splendor is a project of Regina Caeli, Inc. and falls under the governance of the Regina Caeli, Inc. Board of Directors.  

We plan to have a Regina Caeli Academy Center on the property of Veritatis Splendor, as well as launching the first Regina Caeli Collegiate University. 

As a project of Regina Caeli, Inc., all donations will be processed through Regina Caeli, Inc. and earmarked for exclusive use of Veritatis Splendor.   


5. How is Veritatis Splendor funded? 

Veritatis Splendor is seeking to raise initial funding from donor-supported contributions. In the future, the Institutes and other activities of Veritatis Splendor will create sustainable efforts to support the work of the community.  


6. Is this a Catholic town like Ave Maria in Florida? 

No. While there are similar aspects between the two, Veritatis Splendor’s focus is on the center of worship in the work of the Oratory and the work of the Institutes in returning the Truth of Christ to civilization, supported by a Christian community living out the tenets of the Catholic Faith.  


7. How is Bishop Strickland involved with Veritatis Splendor? 

It is a personal project of his which he supports with his prayers, counsel and welcoming the project to take root within the Diocese’s jurisdiction.  


8. What is the process for joining and living in the Veritatis Splendor community?  

We held an informational session on April 18 for all those currently interested in living in the neighborhood at Veritatis Splendor, which is called The Viculus @Veritatis Splendor. We plan to launch a series of Open House sales events in early summer 2021 for seriously interested individuals and families to tour the property, meet the Founders, see the available lots, and initiate a sales process if they determine they would like to proceed with a purchase.


9. Can I put a deposit down on a homesite? When will they be available for purchase? 

We anticipate the sales process for the homesites launching in early summer 2021. Once it begins, it is likely that sales contracts, which include the typical “earnest money” deposits, will be executed versus a separate deposit outside of purchasing a lot.


10. Is it only Catholics that can live in and participate in the community? 

Purchasing a home in The Viculus @ Veritatis Splendor will be regulated under the Fair Housing Act which prohibits discrimination for many things, including religion.  The Viculus @ Veritatis Splendor will be a Deed Restricted Community and governed under an HOA for basic community maintenance, security and other common provisions.   

Distinct and separate from the neighborhood HOA will be the Veritatis Splendor Amenities and Community life program, which will be an optional membership-driven association, governed by a separate religious charity and guided by a Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct.  Anyone who wishes to be a member of the VS Community Life Program, which include amenities such as the pool, recreation center, education buildings, lakes, equestrian and archery fields, will have to agree to the Statement of Faith and related documents, which define expectations for community life.

11. What type of liturgy will be offered? 

We expect to offer both the English and Traditional Latin Mass. 

12. Can I just purchase nearby property and still join the community?

Any Mass offered will be open to the public, as will a number of other events and activities. 

13. Is Veritatis Splendor only for families or can those who are single or retired live there? 

Veritatis Splendor is open to a mix of families, singles, empty nesters and those retired. The current phase of development primarily contains residential lots for home building, but we anticipate future phases to offer smaller townhomes, apartments and accommodations for smaller households.

14. When will the recreation facilities shown on the site plan be ready?

All the recreation facilities are future phases, similar to the additional housing options we are planning, dependent on fundraising efforts. 

15. Who will be the Executive Directors of the seven Institutes?

We hope, once funded, to attract Directors and Institute fellows who are experts in the disciplines associated with the Institutes and who are equipped to both teach accordingly and transmit faithfully the true teachings of the Catholic Church to the world.  

16. There have been a few people who have raised a concern about low-income families not being able to afford living in Veritatis Splendor. What would we say about this? 

The institute missions’ have been chosen to work independently as well as in harmony for the common good. The Life, Law and Human Rights Institutes specifically, we hope, will be able to address the problem of poverty, particularly as a result of economic injustice, discrimination and poor governance. We also have specific plans to ensure that residents from all income levels are afforded opportunities at Veritatis Splendor if they are so called.