Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Veritatis Splendor? 

Veritatis Splendor is a mission-focused Catholic organization that includes a community in East Texas. Our mission is to protect, preserve, and proclaim the truths of the Catholic faith, as given to the Apostles by Jesus Christ. In order to fulfill this mission, Veritatis Splendor has planned for several key aspects to reach as many people as possible: 

  • An Oratory under the patronage of St. Joseph, in order to welcome anyone who wishes to study and pray and receive the benefits of a Catholic Sacramental life.  
  • The establishment of seven Institutes to teach, train and promote the truth, goodness and beauty of the Faith.  
  • A variety of residential options (homes, townhomes, apartments and other accommodations for those with smaller households), in order to share in a communal life committed to holiness.

2. What is the timeline for Veritatis Splendor? 

As of August 2023, phase 1 lot sales are nearing completion and Phase 2A lot sales are ongoing. We have the Holy Family Chapel that currently offers several Mass times and access to the Sacraments (click here for more information). There are currently several families living in Veritatis Splendor, many more homes currently under construction, and dozens of local families involved in our community. The Mission Execution team is hard at work on our next steps with pursuing the realization of the bigger vision of Veritatis Splendor.

3. Is Veritatis Splendor an initiative of the Diocese of Tyler? 

No, Veritatis Splendor is a private, lay-initiated endeavor. It is not part of the Diocese of Tyler.  For the full statement from Bishop Strickland on VS, please click here.

4. How is Veritatis Splendor funded? 

Veritatis Splendor is a nonprofit organization and is supported by donors. You can make a tax-deductible donation here.

5. Is this a Catholic town like Ave Maria in Florida? 

No. While there are similar aspects between the two, Veritatis Splendor is not meant to be an independent city, but a mission-minded Catholic organization that includes the support of a residential neighborhood.

6. How is Bishop Strickland involved with Veritatis Splendor? 

It is a personal project of his which he supports with his prayers, counsel and welcoming the project to take root within the Diocese’s jurisdiction. He is also responsible for making sure the priests and brothers that serve this community are in good standing.  

7. What is the process for joining and living in the Veritatis Splendor community?  

Several lots are currently available for sale in phase 1 and 2A. You can see a map of available lots here. More lots will be available soon in phases 2B and 2C. If you would like to purchase a lot and join our community, please reach out to You can also visit this page for more information.

8. Can I put a deposit down on a homesite? 

Yes, you can reserve your favorite Veritatis Splendor lot for only $1,000. If you are ready to move forward with this, please contact our realtor, John Sattler via phone call or text. His phone number is (903)-352-0641.

9. Is it only Catholics that can live in and participate in the community? 

Purchasing a home in The Viculus at Veritatis Splendor will be regulated under the Fair Housing Act which prohibits discrimination for many things, including religion.  East and West Viculus at Veritatis Splendor will be a Deed Restricted Community and governed under an HOA for basic community maintenance, security, and other common provisions.

10. What type of liturgy will be offered? 

We currently offer both the Anglican Ordinariate Rite and Traditional Latin Mass at our Holy Family Chapel. Learn more and see mass times at:

11. Is Veritatis Splendor only for families or can those who are single or retired live there?

Veritatis Splendor is open to a mix of families, singles, empty nesters and those retired. The current phase of development primarily contains residential lots for home building, but we hope in future development to offer smaller townhomes, apartments and accommodations for smaller households.

12. When will the recreation facilities shown on the site plan be ready?

We plan to begin construction on some recreational facilities in 2024. Initially this will include a fishing pier, a playground area, and a community bonfire pit.

13. There have been a few people who have raised a concern about low-income families not being able to afford living in Veritatis Splendor. What would we say about this? 

We recognize the financial difficulty of custom building a home. We hope that in future phases of development there will be options available that are more accessible to a broader range of financial situations. 

14. What is the timeline for the Oratory?

The timeline for this project is still unknown. Our Mission Execution Team is creating a plan for how we will be moving forward as an organization toward seeing our vision become a reality. Please join us in praying that God will continue to open doors for us to see that happen.