“If the first ‘way of the Church’ is the family, it should also be said that the civilization of love is also the ‘way of the Church,’ which journeys through the world and summons families to this way; it summons also other social, national and international institutions, because of families and through families. The family, in fact, depends for several reasons on the civilization of love, and finds therein the reasons for its existence as family. And at the same time the family is the center and the heart of the civilization of love.”

– St. John Paul II, Letter to Families

It was Jesus Christ that began the foundation of community life, and it was community life that He built with his disciples that helped to form the way of discipleship that resulted in the spread of Christianity throughout the world. After Christ died and was resurrected, the early Church was formed through the disciples sharing their lives and their work together. Families were created and they supported one another by living the truth that Jesus had share with them. It was family life shared within community life that defined the character of the early Church.

As this new wave of apostolic life is formed in East Texas, the community that will be built around Veritatis Splendor’s primary mission, will truly become a mirror of the small Christian communities that formed the early Church with one exceptionVeritatis Splendor will exist to protect, preserve and protect the faith so it will not perish in an anti-God and anti-Church culture.


Families who are called to join Veritatis Splendor will live a community life marked by five essential charisms:


Opportunities for prayer, liturgy in the Ordinary and Extraordinary Form, sacramental life and liturgical celebrations that emphasizes the centrality of God’s presence and God’s action in each community member’s life will be the cornerstone and the capstone of the community itself.


Education and Study

Members of Veritatis Splendor will be called to a fuller knowledge of and understanding of the Scriptures, the Catholic Church’s traditions and Her teaching on faith and morals. Children will have access to a K-12 university-style hybrid education in the Catholic tradition, and programs for college and graduate level degrees. Veritatis Splendor will offer independent study courses, retreats and seminars to encourage advancement in knowledge about Jesus Christ and the Church in light of the Scriptures and Tradition.

Mutual Support

In a society in which Gospel values are being mocked, canceled and outright rejected, the community will elevate these threatened virtues. Veritatis Splendor families will encourage one another to be faithful to the Scriptures and the Tradition of the Church and will challenge each other to be authentic both in the home and in the world.

Mission Driven

As we work to restore the basic principles in society that are threatened: the Dignity of Life, Justice, Freedom, Charity, Reason, Fidelity and Truth, VS families will be committed to the mission of Veritatis Splendor in the household, in the neighborhood and in the greater communities of the world.



As great Saints like Thomas Aquinas and St John the Evangelist observed, Catholics should take time for sports and other leisure activities, particularly on Sundays and other days of rest. To that end, Veritatis Splendor will encourage community life around sports and recreation including swimming, hunting, fishing, archery and horseback riding.

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