Help us furnish Holy Family Chapel at Veritatis Splendor

What we need…

Any funds towards construction costs would be especially helpful for the community. There are also a number of liturgical items we need to get the Chapel ready for Mass.

While many of the items can be purchased new, part of our mission is to preserve the beauty and goodness of our Faith.  With so many churches closing, particularly in the Northeast, we hope to be able to re-home sacred vessels, statues and other liturgical items. 

We have compiled a list of most of the items we anticipate needing throughout the year as we celebrate the liturgical seasons and receive the Sacraments. 

How you can help…

You can help us complete and furnish the Chapel, by making a donation to cover one or more of the needed items.  As we mentioned, we hope to find them through the discover of a closed or closing Church.  If you have contacts in this area, we welcome that information as well.  We also welcome the construction of some of the items, such as benches for altar boys, sedilia, credence table and other items that can be crafted through talented woodworking.  

Please email lwheeler@splendorhq.com with any questions or concerns.