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West and East Viculus Lot Sales at Veritatis Splendor

Veritatis Splendor includes an intentional Catholic community that seeks to support the intellectual, moral, and spiritual lives of families in order to protect, preserve and proclaim the gospel to this and future generations.

Join us in building your home and future on one of the remaining Phase I West Viculus lots (2+ acres) or the newly announced Phase II East Viculus (1/2 acre) lots!


Starting at $49,000


59 Residential 1/2+acre lots and limited 2+ acre lots


12 Residential/Business 1/2+ acre lots


Located in the Diocese of Tyler, TX


Holy Family Chapel now open for Mass & Prayer


Panoramic Views


Underground Utilities


4 Acre central park


Close proximity to planned Oratory building and educational areas


Planned amenities include Fishing Piers, Sporting Fields, Playground and Pool


Future developments including Senior Living, Small Businesses and Library


Monthly on-site spiritual and recreational activities for all members of the family

Some Featured Lots
to Consider

Available Lot
.5 acre lot

Lot 277


Spectacular sunrises & sunsets all around VS, especially on this multi-use Residential/ Business lot that borders the 4 acre central park.

.5 acre lot

Lot 219


Some of your neighbors to the north if you were to purchase this lot in the East Viculus.

2.2 acre lot

Lot 46


Yes! A limited few 2+ acre lots similar to this one are available in the West Viculus (Phase I). Over 60 families have said yes to VS there!

70+ lots available! See map of all lots available for purchase.

Why did you choose to live at Veritatis Splendor?

Todd Family, Texas

“Being part of a mission that would serve not only our family but the greater Church and the world by preserving the truth through the Institutes and the Oratory…Being able to live in a neighborhood where our kids (especially our boys) would be able to freely explore and not have to worry…Living in a community centered around the Sacraments and the liturgical calendar with priests as our spiritual leaders…The future possibility of the Oratory and the different educational opportunities for our kids.”

Cassell Family, Texas

“To raise our family and immerse them in a truly Catholic community. As a young newlywed couple this was our first priority in finding a place to set our roots and grow our family…There is nowhere else in the country that uplifts traditional Catholic values like Veritatis Splendor. By no means is it an escape for us; rather, the community will provide a safe refuge to prepare our children for the world. Additionally, we hope that our Catholic community can be a light to share to others, so that the example of Veritatis Splendor can give rise to more Catholic communities.”

Hass Family, Michigan

“We wanted to seek first the kingdom of God and became convinced that this was a the clearest way to do that.”

Rudkins Family, Oklahoma

“We bought because our first priority in life is helping our children (and ourselves) become saints. I strongly believe VS is going to be the best environment to raise them with that goal in mind! We are so excited about all the different aspects of liturgical living as well as a like-minded community of so many other Catholics.”

Raymond Family, California

“We are retiring/retired now and wanted to live in a place where God’s beauty is seen, felt, heard, and cherished all around us.”
Family Testimonial

Darling Family, Minnesota

“For the hope of raising my children in a community and environment that values and pursues the true, the good, and the beautiful, centered on our common faith in Jesus under the guidance of the Church…To live more closely with the community we live in.

We went from a society where everyone in a village or town really knew and depended on one another (really did life together) to a society where I don’t have to even know any of my neighbors because I have access to all of the “essentials” with the press of a button or a drive to the nearest convenience store…To really try and give something back to the Church with our lives, with the hope that we can help to pass on the faith and all the wonderful traditions that have been handed down to us and are constantly at risk from our current anti-culture of being wiped from history.”

Villamayor Family, California

“In our discernment, it’s as simple as we feel our family is being called to help with the mission and vision of VS. When the Holy Spirit puts something on your heart you have a choice, either to listen and act, or not.”

Please join us for Mass.

Mass Times
Holy Family Chapel



8:30AM & 10:30AM

The Mission 

To protect, preserve, and proclaim the truths of the Catholic Faith, as given to the Apostles by Jesus Christ.

The Vision 

Veritatis Splendor is a physical and spiritual home for Christians to protect, preserve, and proclaim all of the chief truths and teachings of Christendom. It is a community of true believers who work and live together to safeguard the deposit of faith through an uncompromising fidelity to Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

Veritatis Splendor includes a grand oratory and seven institutes of truth professing authenticity to liberal education, law, liberty, human rights, life, media and culture. Directors of the Institutes live and work in the community and, by virtue of the offices they hold, become missionaries in the world to transmit these values in a way that promotes truth, goodness, and beauty and, in so doing, restores Christ in civilization.


Some VS families pictured with Bishop Strickland at the Blessing of the new Holy Family Chapel


Multiple events take place at VS from the Monthly Rosary & Potluck to the annual JPII OktoberFeast.

A home being built in the West Viculus.

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More homes being built at VS

Welcome to Veritatis Splendor

Lake Splendor, The “V” Fountrain, Lake Lepanto and Bernadette Falls are all part of VS.

Veritatis Splendor

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Welcome to Veritatis Splendor
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Veritatis Splendor Board of Directors

Will Kirk, President
Adam Todd, Treasurer
Brad Ackland, Secretary
Lisa Wheeler
Nick Moise
Peter Machi
Jason Stern
Fr. Andre Metrejean

Committee Chairs
Agriculture & Sustainability Committee Chair, Blayr Downey
Architectural Control Committee Chair, Mike Hass
Events & Hospitality Chair, Megan Perez
Finance Committee Chair, Nick Moise
Grounds & Development Chair, Brandon Trichel

Veritatis Splendor
16711 County Road 356
Winona, TX 75792